2010-05-14 (金)

Realiser Group Research: What Does Charity Mean to You? ~ Make Giving Your Business


A clothing store calling for donations to support Haiti earthquake victims:
“Donations go to Mercy Corps International”

As seen in the cases of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Haiti’s earthquake this year, large scale natural disasters attract considerable media attention and bring the world’s spotlight on relief organizations and humanitarian workers.
On the other hand, we have also seen how short our collective “attention span” can be, as media campaigns and appeals in support of the victims usually tend to die out with time and people move on with their lives while those victims continue struggling toward recovery.
The team seeks to address such reality through this group research, discussing different ways how people engage in charitable donations and volunteer contributions, and providing various views on charitable activities, their impact and issues around them. Through these discussions, we hope to encourage members, supporters and readers to be part of our efforts to find and promote solutions that many people can relate to.
Here are some of the comments from Realiser members regarding aid and relief activities in Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake.
“Many people donated to aid organizations through an easy donation system that allowed donations to be made simply by sending a text message.” (Canada)
“Probably because of Haiti’s proximity, there was quite a lot of media attention on the earthquake and many people showed interest in supporting the victims as well.” (US)
“There were reports on groups attempting to collect donations for fake ‘charity’ organizations.” (UK)
On the other hand, some members shared these views on factors making it easy or difficult for people to participate in charitable causes:
“I’m not sure how to find trustworthy organizations.”
“I only trust a group or cause that I know personally, otherwise I can’t be sure if they use my donation correctly.”
“Some countries offer tax breaks for charitable donations, which I think contributes to their ‘culture of giving’.”
With the goal of learning about and comparing varying views on donations and volunteer contributions, our group research on charitable giving focuses on:
-Thoughts on how to decide which cause to support or which organization to volunteer for.
-Tips and views on how to effectively support a cause in the short and long term.
-Opinions on the media’s roles in providing information about charitable causes.
Please help our grassroots research project by participating in this survey “What Does Charity Mean to You? ~ Make Giving Your Business.”

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